Non GMO Neosoilon® Go Green Campaign has ended by July,31th.
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Non-GMO Woven Filter NeoSoilon®

Go Green Campaign!!

Special offer! Be a part of Eco-friendly movement!

  1. [Offer1] Reduced prices until the end of july

  2. [Offer2] Low MOQ with orijinal printed tags Starting from 4 rolls(24,000 bags)

  3. [Offer3] Free sample roll available

Our “Go Green Campaign” is a support project for the conservation of
the global environment by switching to eco-friendly materials.
Join our campaign going on until the end of July. Let’s go green!

At Nasa Corporation we strive to work together in the effort of tackling environmental issues.
Let us support you in making that switch to eco-friendly materials.

It’s about time…Switch to Green!

3 Special Offers

  1. Offer 1

    Special reduced price for orders until the end of July!

    Want to try compostable materials but feel they are costly? Now’s your chance!
    Our sales representatives will give you more information on the special prices.

  2. Offer 2

    Limited-time lower minimum order with original tag printing!

    Our normal MOQ of 8 rolls has been reduced to 4 rolls! (makes 24,000 bags) The original tag print production lot is more than half of the normal amount, so take advantage of this opportunity available only during the campaign period!

  3. Offer 3

    Free sample roll for first-time NeoSoilon® users!

    Get 1 free sample roll while you can! Feel free to try out this safe and secure product before making a final purchase. You can choose 1 type of roll below:
    ・1 sample roll with tag: Makes 6,000 bags
    ・1 sample roll without tag: 900 meters/roll
    ※ Please put a checkmark in your preferred sample on the inquiry page.

What is NeoSoilon®?

Our Soilon series is a PLA-based (polylactic acid) filter having acquired compostable certification, and is used as a transparent compostable filter for teabags. It has been well received as the world’s first compostable teabag packaging material since 2005. In response to the strong demand of customers who distribute organic products, as of January 2020 we have switched our raw material to 100% non-GMO sugar cane and have had further popular reception with our non-GMO PLA NeoSoilon® mesh filter.

Still have doubts about going Green?

4 points to consider

  1. Perfect for organic products!

    NeoSoilon® is Non-GMO Project Verified, the comprehensive third-party verification process in North America for products not having genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This makes it ideal for organic products that you can distribute with confidence.

  2. Is NeoSoilon® compostable? If so, is it strong enough for teabag packaging?

    Yes to both. Polylactic acid (PLA), a kind of bioplastic widely used as a food contact material, is strong and very stable. NeoSoilon®, made of 100% PLA, has a long shelf life for packaging teas. Being very stable in ambient temperatures, NeoSoilon® can decompose rapidly in industrial composting conditions. Its compostability is certified by compostable schemes in Europe and North America.

  3. Other eco-friendly products!

    We also offer other compostable and recyclable products including outer film wrapping, pouches, tins, and cartons! More info in the links below.

  4. Overall technical support provided

    With your purchase of NeoSoilon® we provide technical support based on our vast experience in handling PLA filters. Our support not only includes setting up your machine to smoothly use NeoSoilon®, but we also give overall assistance in using our other products in your production line.